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Celebrating AAPI Joy: Meet Sarah Chiu



Chinese (Hong Kong), Vietnamese


Moxie: Hi Sarah! So glad to speak to you again! Ok so our first question is - What originally drew you to theatre/storytelling?

Sarah: I started out with dance being bery drawn to beats and music. I loved the idea that I could pretend to be a character and never knew I could do it professionally until I was in middle school.

M: What, in your experience, has been the biggest challenge of being a performer these days?

S: I feel like doubt is something that can easily creep up on you if you aren't in the right headspace for the rigor of the entertainment business. I believe it can be challenging to be true to yourself as an artist while also being able to work in this business with differing visions and ideas.

M: Who was your theatre mentor or someone you looked up to in the industry, and how did they inspire you?

S: I was lucky enough to have met Baayork Lee when she first created a theatre club at my elementary school. She was able to introduce theatre and art to the Asian American youth who may not have been able to otherwise. Baayork is and always has been so supportive of Asian artists and representation in general. She inspires me to create and persevere for a more diverse industry.

M: That leads us to our next question... if you could change anything in the industry to help promote diversity, equity, and inclusion, what would it be?

S: I would want more people of color in positions of power and to be invited to the table to enforce and encourage inclusiveness and representation. This also goes for including more under represented community groups being a part of the conversation (people with disabilities, lgbtq+, women, etc).

M: We know it's been a few years now, but what was it like working with Moxie Arts NY?

S: Moxie Arts NY was the first all women team I've ever worked with! I truly felt empowered and I am so thankful they made the rehearsal and show process a safe space to grow and take risks!

M: What are you most looking forward to in the future of theatre as Broadway returns and theatres reopen?

S: I hope those in power of this industry has listened to our concerns and our voices. I know it will take time for change, but I know our communities that are underrepresented will never stop fighting for a more inclusive Broadway.

Want to check out more of Sarah's work? Follow her on Instagram at @sarahchiu

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