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Meet the Cast: Tariro Chinyanganya

Today on Meet the Cast of God's Necklace, introducing our resident chameleon Tariro Chinyanganya! Tariro plays everything from a Sudanese river spirit to a general to a jackalope on the wall of a California cabin. We are so lucky to have her share her talents with us in this production!

Tariro Chinyanganya is making her New York theater debut in God’s Necklace. Holding her B.A. in Theater from Colgate University, Tariro is a NY based actor and choreographer with experience both onstage and onscreen. She is currently choreographing the Colgate University Theater Department’s production of Dance Nation, and you can see her in Dead Reckoning on Investigation Discovery this year. 

(Have you met Shykia, Rosemarie, and Morgan yet?)

Who is a woman+ artist that you admire and why?

I hope to continue to play roles that embody the complexities of black women, roles that highlight black women for their fullness of life that exists outside of the narrative white society has placed on them. I look to artists such as Danai Gurira and Viola Davis who have taken their blackness and their womanhood and used it to propel complex and layered women to the forefront of their own art without excuse or apology. 

What's your favorite thing to do in NYC?

Living in New York, I really enjoy spending time in Central Park! 

The Center at West Park is just a few blocks away!

What's something you've learned in the rehearsal process so far?

Throughout the rehearsal process, I’ve realized how studying a dialect can open up the text in multiple ways. There’s so many hidden gems within the text that dialect work allows you to see more clearly. 

Why should audiences come and see God's Necklace?

Don't miss Tariro as Candit (and many others) in God's Necklace on October 24th-November 3rd at the Center at West Park Sanctuary Space! Get tickets here!

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