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Meet the Costume Designer: Jessica McHugh

two days until opening night! So far this week, we've talked to our director, playwright, stage manager, cast, and ASM. Today, we're introducing you to the incredible costume designer of From A to Double D, Jessica McHugh!

The essentials: Jessica McHugh is thrilled to be back for a fourth show with Moxie! She previously designed costumes for productions of Where Angels Fear to Tread, Owl Girl and Girl of Glass. She has spent the last several years creating costumes for herself and her husband, one being featured on the TV show ‘Younger’. Thanks to Danny for love and support!

Read on for our Q&A with Jess!

Q: What sparked your interest in working on this show and/or with Moxie Arts?

A: I became involved with Moxie through founder Kayla Friend, who graciously gave me the opportunity to take a hobby of costuming and turn it into a skill.

Q: What has been your favorite part of the process so far?

A: My favorite part so far was sitting at our production meeting surrounded by our all woman+ team!

Q: Who is a woman+ artist you admire and why?

One of Jess's fantastic costumes from this winter's production of The Owl Girl!

A: Edith Head is a huge inspiration for me as a designer, as she was responsible for defining an entire era in film, which happens to be my favorite era.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about living in NYC?

A: I love living in NYC for the wonderful and various opportunities to be creative and also eat amazing food from around the world.

Q: Why should people come see From A to Double D?

A: People should see this show because it tells an important story about accepting and overcoming a sad reality and shines light in a struggle so many women+ individuals go through.


Don't miss Jess's amazing costumes in From A to Double D on January 23-February 2 at the IRT Theater! Got your tickets?

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