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What is it? The Moxie Incubator is a season-long accelerated development program for new, unproduced plays and musicals.

Who is it for? The 2024 Incubator Cohort will be made up of 2 composer/librettists, 2 directors, and 2 line producers - in alignment with Moxie's mission, we will select work by artists of historically-excluded genders for this program. 

Is this paid? Yes - All participating artists are paid a stipend for every round of the Incubator process. 

Does it cost to submit? No - Moxie is passionate about keeping opportunities accessible for all artists. We do not charge a submission fee for any artist. 

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Submissions open September 1, 2023

and close

September 15, 2023.

Finalists are notified upon selection and interviews will be conducted between September 25, 2023


October 8, 2023.

The 2024 Incubator Cohort offers will be extended no later than

October 20th, 2023, 

to be announced for the season the first week of November, 2023


Green Room 42 Concert - NYC

In December 2023, songs from each new musical will be featured in an evening showcase concert at The Green Room 42 in the heart of the theatre district in New York City, coordinated by the Incubator Cohort Line Producers and featuring some of NYC's incredible Broadway and Off-Broadway talent! 

This will be the first chance for audiences to get a taste of the work and for industry professionals to provide valuable feedback to our cohort members to help further development throughout the season. 


29 Hour Reading

Using the AEA 29-Hour Reading model, each new musical will be read in front of an invited audience as the second step of the development process in spring 2024. Our readings this year will take place at a state of the art facility in downtown Brooklyn, New York.

The readings will receive production casting assistance, dedicated rehearsal space, a director, stage manager, and line producer to help shape this part of the Incubator process. Round 2 is an important step in the development process, as it allows for the creators to see and hear their material in front of a curated audience, providing further opportunity for feedback and potential industry partnerships for production development in

the future. 


Fully Staged Workshop Production

Under AEA Showcase Code*, each new musical will receive a dedicated weekend of workshop performances in summer 2023 in New York City. 

These workshops will be as fully staged and produced as possible - lights, set, costumes, design teams, etc. 

We want our Incubator artists to see their work fully staged and ready for audience engagement. 

These will be ticketed performances with community engagement nights, running approx. Thursday night through Sunday matinee. Industry invitations are curated by our Executive Producers and line producers and professional production photos are provided. 

*if there are no union members in the cast, this will not be under a showcase code; however, production will still follow showcase rules. 

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Quick FAQ's:

Who can submit to the Incubator?

For our 2024 Incubator, we are accepting submissions from composer/lyricist/librettists (collaborations welcome), directors, and line producers who identify as an artist of a historically-excluded gender. Please note that all collaborating members should identify as a historically-excluded gender to participate in the Incubator. 

How big can my cast be? 

To provide the best development resources possible, we are limiting the cast size to no more than 5 actors total this year, with a preference for cast sizes of 4 actors or less - doubling is encouraged when possible! 

What the heck is a Line Producer?

At Moxie Arts NY, we like to invest in and develop the skills of emerging producers by giving them the chance to get their hands on theatre production work without the hassle of also having to fundraise/seek out investors - you do NOT have to have executive production experience to be a line producer! Some great applicable experience might be: stage management, production management, company management, theatre general management, etc. You will be learning how to tackle contracts, create offers for participating artists, facilitate development meetings with the creatives, and manage scheduling for pre-production and rehearsals leading up to our final performances, as well as weigh in on creative direction and collaborate with the other artists in the Incubator to streamline and define themes, narrative, and marketing strategies applicable for both productions.  

Is this a full time, salaried gig?

Alas, we wish it were! As with most theatre opportunities, our Incubator is a contract gig - artists are paid a stipend for participation in every part of the process and we specifically adjust our meetings each month  to accommodate artists' other full-time gigs. Year over year, we have been able to increase our artist stipends with each season. 

Do I need to live in New York City to participate in the Incubator?

No - while some preference is given to NYC-based artists for line production, as that has the most on-the-ground involvement of the roles, offers to participate in the Incubator are not limited to only residents of the Tri-State area. More information based on individual need will be discussed within the Interview process, if selected. 


If you are interested in submitting to be a part of the Moxie Incubator Program for 2024, you can submit via the link below - Artists can submit as:

  • A Librettist or Composer (if applying as collaborators, please review our mission statement and ensure that all partners identify with the artist community that we serve)

  • A Director

  • A Line Producer

If you are an actor or designer who may be interested in participating, please stay tuned for our open calls as the Incubator productions are announced. 



Do you have the stage but need the story?

or maybe you've found the story and the funds but need production assistance?

We love collaborating on larger projects with like-minded companies and organizations! 

Some previous collaborations have included: Jeaneaology Productions, Pelo Ondulado Productions, David Treatman Creative, Prime Produce Artist Co-Op, and

Kervigo Ensemble Theater, to name a few! 

Reach out to inquire about a co-production by sending your proposed project and timeline to our Managing Producer, Madelyn at:

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more information coming soon about this inaugural education project launching in spring 2024!

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