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Humans are communal - their art does not exist in a vacuum. And neither do our productions! We believe in building teams together - teams of diverse women+ in all areas of the arts who can empower one another through this beautiful thing called collaboration.

We are better together. 



We believe in getting our hands dirty, in working together through the grittiness of art. We work with working-class artists, arranging our schedules to meet a myriad of needs so that our artists can continue their lives while having a platform to showcase their art. We also work with spaces that are gritty - we look for up-and-coming residencies and co-op spaces for our work because we believe in empowering small businesses, which includes growing theatres. 



We believe in stories that highlight communities different than our own - because of this, we partner every show with a community group, cultural advisor, or nonprofit that specifically serves the communities whose stories we tell. We host talk-backs and mixers specifically for these organizations and artists to highlight their mission and bring a firsthand account of these stories to our audience. 



We believe in telling stories that are audacious - difficult, out of the norm, bold and unapologetic. We engage our audiences with challenging material because we know that change begins with an encounter - and we want our encounters to be brave and audacious. 



We work to empower and uplift the voices of artists of traditionally excluded genders - that work is intersectional and specifically antiracist and anti-misogynist in nature.
We believe that words alone are not enough, though - it is not enough to self-identify as antiracist or anti-misogynist - it must be measured by our actions and reflected in our programming choices. We do not believe in virtue signaling - we believe in action. 

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