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FY23 Productions

a WP Space Program residency

About the WP Space Program:

Moxie Arts NY is the newest resident of WP Theater’s Space Program, an initiative to provide subsidized space to mission-aligned individual artists and small budget not-for-profit companies ($300,000 or less) who might otherwise not be able to produce because of the financial constraints of renting performance space.  The program launched in February of 2023 with Lightning Rod Special’s critically-acclaimed production of The Appointment.  Moxie's FY23 Incubator round 3 productions will be staged at WP Theater this June as part of the Space Program residency. 

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june 9 &10

You Should Be So Lucky

by Alyssa Haddad-Chin

Poh Poh invites granddaughter, Jenny, to her apartment to teach her how to make dumplings for the upcoming Lunar New Year. As they prepare an otherwise-ordinary and traditional meal, Jenny discovers that recent changes to Poh Poh’s Chinatown community are anything but normal. As space and dreams begin to dwindle for Poh Poh with each new change, will there be enough time to pass on so much to a granddaughter whose world only continues to expand? You Should Be So Lucky is a play about generational identities, relationships, and the preservation of community.


june 15-17

one drop cool

by skyler volpe

May, Nina, and Cooper have been friends and roommates for over a decade when the revelation of a family secret threatens to tear their friendship apart. one drop cool is a deliciously unsettling living room play about identity, friendship, race, and belonging. 

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june 22-24

As I Was, Not As I Am

by August Hakvaag

A crowded apartment in Philadelphia, PA - Laurel is sick. Her roommates want her to get better - but how do you help someone who can't afford health care? Could it involve setting a car on fire? As I Was, Not As I Am is mainly about queer roommates, headaches, clubbing, upstairs neighbors, arson, and washing machines; but it's also about love - the kind that would make you do anything for each other.


The New Works Lab is Moxie's first collaboration with the Entertainment Community Fund (formerly The Actor's Fund) - the lab began in 2022, featuring playwrights and readers who are 65+ and part of the Waldman Living Room community as well as 6 playwrights and readers under the age of 35.  Together, these artists create brand new works that are approximately 90 minutes in length - the new, unpublished plays are read by participating artists over the course of 6 weeks via Zoom, offering feedback sessions after each reading. This will be the first iteration of the lab in its new home setting and under a new name - 

 Multi-Gen: New Works Lab.  Participating playwrights under Moxie Arts NY for 2023 are below:


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