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Meet the Moxie Commission: Narissa Agustin

It's producer/stage-manager week at the Moxie Commission! On Wednesday, we met Sally Burgos, and today, we're thrilled to introduce the incredible Narissa Agustin! Narissa is new to the Moxie community, and we're already so excited to work with her this year.

Check out her bio and featured pictures of her past work and read on for a Q&A with Narissa about Grey's Anatomy, growing up in a town without a theater, and more!

Narissa Agustin (she/her) is an Asian-American stage manager and producer born, raised, and currently based in Florida. Narissa has collaborated with LDK Productions, InProximity Theatre Company, and Todo Productions. Narissa was the first stage manager and youngest participant of Project W Theatre Festival produced by InProximity Theatre Company. She recently worked with the production staff at Northern Stage to produce their fall season entitled Tiny Necessary Theater. In that season, Narissa stage managed The Naked Librarian: On the Harmful Effects of Tobacco and assistant stage managed Dutch Masters and It’s Fine, I’m Fine. In 2020 she joined The 24 Hour Plays: Nationals cohort as a producer. Since then she continues to collaborate with her fellow participants. BFA Stage Management University of Miami | @narissa_agustin

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What drives you to work in theatre?

Since I was a child I always loved the idea of diving head first into a story, whether that was in a book or in a theater. Theatre brought me so much joy throughout my life that I wanted to be able to do that for someone else. The idea that my work can move people to feel something or experience something they never have before is truly beautiful. Being able to produce a piece of work that inspires the next generation of young artists would mean the world to me.

Who is a woman+ artist who inspires you and why?

Lisa Dozier King is a huge inspiration for me. She was my professor as well as my very first boss. She not only taught college courses in Miami but she also runs a theatrical general management and producing firm based in New York City. The way she is able to run her company and still devote so much time to her students showed me that she really cared about our success. The way she is able to balance her schedule and be everywhere she needs to be is something I hope to learn one day.

What excites you about virtual theatre?

Virtual theatre is exciting because we have opportunity to bring theatre to people who don’t have a chance to see it in their own communities. I grew up in a town without a theater. I had to go to the next town over just to experience a live production. It’s also nice for my family and friends to be able to see the productions that I worked on instead of me recapping it for them.

What have you been reading, watching, or playing this year that you would recommend?

I watched every season of Grey’s Anatomy and ended up loving it! I have never had an interest in it before but one of my family members recommended it. Schitt’s Creek and The Chef Show were two other Netflix shows that brought me a lot of joy in 2020. I stayed connected with friends and family through Animal Crossing as well.

What makes you feel hopeful right now?

Right now I am hopeful that we will return to live theatre in the next year. I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to work on a few virtual theatre projects but I can’t wait to step into a theater and hug people!

Stay tuned for more announcement's about the Moxie Commission, including the rest of our producers, our director cohort, and tickets, coming soon!

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