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Meet the Moxie Commission: Leigh Rondon-Davis

You've celebrated the writers, you've cheered the producers, and now, it's time to give a warm welcome to The Moxie Commission's directors! First up is Leigh Rondon-Davis! Leigh is an incredibly talented multi-hyphenate, and we're thrilled to have them as part of this virtual dream team!

Check out their bio and read on for a Q&A with Leah about theatre's ability to build empathy, quarantine gardens, game-changing virtual readings, and more!

Leigh Rondon-Davis is a performer, dramaturg, and director from both New York City and the Bay Area. They currently work for Shotgun Players in Berkeley and Crowded Fire Theater in San Francisco where they are also a Resident Artist. Leigh is also a Company Member at Oakland Theater Project and Shotgun Players where they are currently a Theatre Bay Area Director-in-Residence. Recent credits include: The Light, Quack, The Niceties (Shotgun Players); Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again. and Inked Baby (Crowded Fire Theater); A 24-Decade History of Popular Music (Curran and Magic Theatre).

Want to support the Moxie Commission and new work written by, staffed by, and spotlighting the stories of women+? You can donate here!

What drives you to work in the theatre?

I love telling stories and creating opportunities for people to feel seen! For a lot of my life, it felt hard to find plays that reflected me, my identities, and my communities in authentic and nuanced ways, so I’m excited to help make and support art that resonates deeply for people, and helps us all gain a deeper level of empathy.

Who is a woman+ artist (or artists!) who inspires you and why?

Ah, I have such a long list! The first folx that come to mind are Lisa Marie Rollins, Mina Morita, and Nailah Harper-Malveaux. They are all incredible artists, advocates, and thinkers who lift up others, offer new perspectives, and ground every space with integrity and care. On top of all that, Lisa Marie, Mina, and Nailah are badass theatre-makers whose work consistently challenges people to look at the world in new ways.

What excites you about virtual theatre?

ACCESSIBILITY! Virtual theatre allows people from all over the world to collaborate on and see theatre without the limitations of physical proximity. Don’t get me wrong, I love being in a room full of people breathing and feeling together, but if we have the opportunity to connect with someone new who previously hasn’t been able to come to our physical spaces before, I am ALL about it!

What have you been reading, watching, or playing this year that you would recommend?

I got to work on a virtual reading of Apologies to Lorraine Hansberry (You Too, August Wilson) by Rachel Lynette and it BLEW MY MIND!

What makes you feel hopeful right now?

My little brother! The sunshine returning to the Bay Area! Mutual aid systems and community care! And the fact that I’ve managed to keep (most of) my quarantine garden alive!

Stay tuned for more announcement's about the Moxie Commission, including the rest of our director cohort, behind the scenes content, and tickets, coming soon!

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