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Meet the Director: Margaret Lee

From A to Double D hits the IRT Theater stage in just eight days! The cast and crew are hard at work (the soundtrack to this blog is Don auctioneering like a pro in tonight's rehearsal!) and over the next week, we'll be introducing you to this tremendous team! First up, our fearless director: Margaret Lee!

The essentials: Margaret Lee is an NYC-based director/choreographer. Her work has been seen at The Flea, Access Theater, The Shakespeare Forum, and The Old Globe. While serving as Artistic Director of Chicago troupe 33rd Street Productions, she focused on fostering cross-disciplinary creativity with artists primarily in STEM, in addition to helming productions of Ordinary Days by Adam Gwon, Venus in Fur by David Ives, and Company by Stephen Sondheim. She has been fortunate to assist Kathleen Marshall, Marcia Milgrom Dodge, and David Mendizabal at theatres such as The Old Globe, New York Stage & Film, Long Wharf Theatre, and Olney Theatre Center. Margaret is a Drama League Directors Project Fellow, a Manhattan Theatre Club Directing Fellow, and a proud SDC Associate Member.

Keep reading for our Q&A with Maggie!

Q: What sparked your interest in directing this show and working with Mandy's script?

A: I met with Mandy and Madelyn before I even read the script and was inspired both by this company's commitment to womxn narratives and Mandy's crystal clear artist perspective. In all honesty, I committed to the people involved in this project. Of course, when I finally read the script, I was struck by how the circumstances constantly changed - the medium for each storyline could change from one scene to the next, but the narrative kept moving seamlessly.

Producer's sidebar: When Mandy and I met Maggie, it was creative love at first sight (and not just because we make a highly alliterative team!). We knew immediately that she was the person we wanted to lead this show, and she's only exceeded our expectations since then. We're lucky to have her on the From A to Double D team! -Madelyn

Q: Why is From A to Double D an important story to tell right now?

A: This is an important story to tell right now because there are more voices clamoring for body positivity, for body diversity, for self-acceptance, than ever before. It's important to go back and relive the times in our life when we weren't yet able to love ourselves, so that we can appreciate the self-love we have today. From A To Double D is a much-needed remembrance and exploration of our self-acceptance journeys.

Maggie with cast members Marisa Jones and Cash Tilton rehearsing at the Times Center

Q: What has surprised you and/or sparked joy or curiosity during the rehearsal process so far?

A: If I had to pick one word to describe rehearsals at the moment, it would be 'layers'. Layers of stories, layers of thought processes, layers of characters. It's been an absolute joy to dig into the script with this set of actors and peel back each layer together.

Q: Who is a womxn artist you admire and why?

Just ONE womxn artist??!! I could probably create a tarot deck of the womxn artists that I muse about and am inspired by. Right now, Marianne Elliott. She refuses to be pigeon-holed into a certain genre (she regularly directs classics, musicals, and new plays), she initiates opportunities for herself (she's co-founded a production company), and she communicates her vision well with her collaborators (you can see it in the creative output of the team). I think she has a real gift for keeping the big picture in mind while sussing out every single detail.


Don't miss Maggie's work on From A to Double D on January 23-February 2 at the IRT Theater! Got your tickets?

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