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WHERE ARE THEY NOW: Camille Simone Thomas

ARTIST: Camille Simone Thomas

YEAR(S) WITH MOXIE: 2021-2022

SHOW(S) WITH MOXIE: The Moxie Incubator (Year 2)

Moxie had the opportunity to catch up with line producer Camille Thomas to ask her what she's been up to since her last project with Moxie Arts NY. Check out her latest projects and advice for emerging theatre-makers here!

INTERVIEW BY K. Hernandez Friend, 2022

MOXIE ARTS NY: Hey Camille! So excited to catch up with you, you've been on your game just wearing all the hats lately! What are you up to these days since we last saw you with the Moxie Incubator program??

CAMILLE THOMAS: I'm currently developing a new play with Dramatic Question Theatre company and had the world premier for the pilot episode of my web series at the Academy Award qualifying Reel Sisters Film Festival - I also produced and performed my one-woman show at Dixon Place!

MANY: You just never stop, do you?! Is there anything you can't do??? Speaking of which - as someone who wears many hats, what advice would you give to other emerging theatre-makers who may also be multi-hyphenated?

CT: Take advantage of opportunities as they come your way but don't forget to take time for yourself to rest and rejuvenate!

MANY: Wise words, friend, wise words...we need to take that advice to heart ourselves sometimes! During the Moxie Incubator program, you had the opportunity to work on three completely different, brand new plays throughout the year with us - do you mind sharing, what is one thing that you took away from your experience with Moxie?

CT: I met a bunch of wonderfully talented and hardworking people that I would love to collaborate with again in the future!

MANY: In so many ways, we cannot wait to work with you again in the future too! So as our readers try to keep up with you and all of your incredible work, where can they find updates?

CT: Easiest to follow my work on Instagram at @Camille4reel or check out updates on my website at

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