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Updated: Mar 7, 2023

ARTIST: Margaret Lee

YEAR(S) WITH MOXIE: 2020, 2021

SHOW(S) WITH MOXIE: From A to Double D by Mandy Murphy, The Moxie Commission (Year 1)

Moxie had the opportunity to catch up with director Margaret Lee to ask her what she's been up to since her last project with Moxie Arts NY. Check out her latest projects and advice for emerging theatre-makers here!

INTERVIEW BY K. Hernandez Friend, 2022

MOXIE ARTS NY: Hi Maggie! So what are you up to these days? You're always so busy!

MARGARET LEE: I’ve had the amazing experience of installing an immersive show on all of Virgin Voyages’ ships. The show is called Scarlet Night and it happens once every sailing - the entire cast onboard (consisting of circus performers, cabaret singers, incredible dancers, and a crazy range of other talented artists) comes together to activate the entire ship, ending with a finale on the pool deck! Next installation is in May of 2023, in Greece!

MANY: Clearly, we need to book our next vacation and make sure it's on a cruise featuring your work! As you've been hustling HARD the past few years and getting such incredible, diverse theatre experiences, if you had one piece of advice to give to early-career or career-pivoting theatre artists, what would it be?

ML: Just go for it. You don’t know what you can do until you try.

MANY: Yet another simple, beautiful truth - thank you for that! You've worked with us on a few shows now - multiple new works with the original virtual Incubator program, and in a different season with a fully staged production - if you wouldn't mind sharing with our readers, what is one thing that you took away from your experience with Moxie that informed your later work?

ML: Lead with passion. Wholeheartedly believe in what you’re working on.

MANY: Beautiful. Well, we know you are a very busy person these days - our last question is, where can our audience find more information about you and your upcoming work???

ML: My website!


photo courtesy of Brian E. Long

From A to Double D, 2020

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