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Meet the Stage Manager: Sally Burgos

Five days until opening! Before you see From A to Double D, get to know the team on the Moxie blog! So far this week, we've talked to our director, Margaret Lee and our playwright, Mandy Murphy. This time, meet Sally Burgos, our all-star stage manager!

The essentials: Sally has her B.A. in Producing and Management in Theater. Since graduating, she has stage managed productions all over the East Coast of the United States ranging from plays, operas, festivals, panels, musicals, puppetry, dance, and children’s theater. She is thrilled to be working her first production with Moxie and to be a part of this great female leading team!

Read on for our Q&A with Sally!

Q: What sparked your interest in working on this show and with Moxie Arts?

A: I love that Moxie Arts is a company dedicated to engaging audience with stories of women+. Creating a platform for stories of survival, grit, and endurance circling around the lives of inspiring women. As a strong independent female stage manager in the technical theater world, which is filled with men, Moxie Arts simply called to me.

Q:What has been your favorite part of the process so far?

A: I absolutely love watching the story develop right before my eyes. From reading the script and connect to the charters then coming into rehearsal and watching it come together is amazing. One of my absolutely favorite parts of creating a show is tech - or hell week. This strings together all of the technical elements with the performers and it’s simply magical.

Q: Who is a woman+ artist you admire and why?

A: There are so many women I admire! Amanda Palmer, Frida Kahlo, Rupi Kaur, Elizabeth Gilbert, Marie Kondo, and Judy Garland are women I have always admired. Each of them has a sense of self, expression, strength, and perseverance.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about living in NYC?

A: FOOD & ART! Every where you go there is food and art! I love it so much. Just the other night, I was walking to the train and someone installed see-saws that light up and so many people were playing on them feeling like a child again. On top of the amazing installments, museums, and sculptures in the park, there is the best theater I have ever seen here (of course). What's great is some of the best shows I have ever seen were all done by small theater companies and not Broadway - though Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is a SPECTACULAR production. Also, NYC is my favorite place for food. You can find every kind of food here and what’s the best part is it is authentic too. Authentic Bangladesh food, Puerto Rican food, Japanese food, Italian food, and so much vegan food! #foodie

Q: Why should people come see From A to Double D?

A: This show is an interactive journey. I love any show that is interactive but for it to be interactive and have depth to the story makes it a must see! You follow our character on a journey which will have you on an emotional rollercoaster. After reading the script, I absolutely fell in love with the narrative and I can’t wait for it to come to life before your eyes. Come see From A to Double D!


Wave to Sally in the booth at the IRT Theater on January 23-February 2 when you come see From A to Double D! Got your tickets?

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