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Meet the Cast: Shykia Fields!

Only eight days until opening night of God's Necklace! Last week, we introduced our playwright Morgan on the blog. This week, meet the cast, starting with our Nyadomaac, Shykia Fields!

Shykia Fields holds a B.A in Theatre from Long Island University (Brooklyn Campus) and an M.F.A in Media and Performing Arts from the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, GA. Her New York stage credits include The Abundance of the Heart at The Women’s Work Short Play Festival at New Perspectives Theatre Company, The Ritual at NPTC, Park Place at The Long Island City One Act Play Festival at The Secret Theatre, Braata Productions of Welcome to America: A Caribbean Musical, The TMT Winter Stein Lab with Target Margin Theatre and The Classical Theatre of Harlem Revised Classical Series of Chekhov's Three Sister's. Shykia is thrilled to be a part of the cast of God's Necklace.

What's your dream role?

Effie from Dreamgirls.

Who is a woman+ artist that you admire and why?

Someone that I really admire is Viola Davis. She is a sophisticated, elegant, intelligent, beautiful black woman. Her body of work is truly amazing. I saw her in Fences on Broadway and she was incredible. She took my breath away. I look at her and know that I too can make it in this industry. 

I also look up to her so much because she knows her worth as an artist. Often black women are not given the same opportunities or equal pay as our white counterparts. Viola Davis sees this, has experienced this, and is demanding change. She has given a voice to young actresses of color to fight for their space and their worth. 

What's your favorite thing to do in NYC?

Lately my favorite thing to do in NYC is to visit pop-up exhibitions with friends. We have the best time! I recently went to the Rosé Mansion for my birthday with my best friend. She surprised me. I've been dying to go there. We got the chance to experience rosé from different locations and act a fool. Creating memories with the people that I love dearly is super important to me. 

What's something you've learned in the rehearsal process so far?

I've learned a lot about myself as a performer. I was able to speak a truth of mine that, for a while, I was afraid to voice. My character suffers from a great deal of trauma, which is expected given her background. However, she chooses to always see the bright side of things and chooses to be happy no matter her given circumstances. She is sunshine. 

I am not used to portraying characters like that! I have a tendency to be cast in roles that are very strong, or aggressive, or motherly, or take no s#!t. Don't get me wrong, I thoroughly love playing these types of roles. However, there is more to me than that, and I want people to take notice. Sometimes I feel as though people see me as these type of characters and nothing more. 

Why should audiences come and see God's Necklace?

Don't miss Shykia lighting up the stage in God's Necklace on October 24th-November 3rd at the Center at West Park Sanctuary Space! Get tickets here!

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